Vendor FAQ


What makes Trumando different than other selling sites?

It’s for men.  From the workingman to the flaneur. Trumando is sells products of substance, frippery and mechanism for men without the vastness of eBay or the creepiness of craigslist. Trumando was designed to be your e-retail arm while not change the way you do business. As a Trumando vendor you can still sell your products through your store or your site while we expose and sell them to our growing number of followers.


How do I get my products on Trumando?

Currently with our introductory commission rate we are providing teams of photographers and cataloguers to help you get started. We’ll schedule a photoshoot with a team at your convenience. They will work with you to choose the right products and help you provide detailed descriptions.


What happens when my product sells?

Once your item sells you will be immediately notified via email. A box for the product with a shipping and postage label for you to utilize will be mailed to you within 24 hours.  You are responsible for packaging and shipping product within two business days after receiving shipping box.


What is your Return Policy?

The following is the Trumando standard return policy. In the event of an unsatisfactory purchase buyers must notify returns to  The return must be initiated within four (4) days of purchase. By default items may be returned for any reason. The buyer is responsible for all return shipping costs and fees.  Returned items must be received by seller within ten (10) days of original purchase date. In the event of a verified, eligible return, the buyer will be refunded after the item is received by the seller.


Can I set my own Return Policy?

Vendors on Trumando may have their own return policies that differ from our standard policy.  Having a return policy is not compulsory, however any changes to the standard policy or a “no returns” policy must be clearly stated on the vendor page and referenced on each item. i.e. “Please see our store’s return policy on our vendor page.”


Does Trumando provide authenticity of my items?

Trumando does not condone false, illegal or deliberate misrepresentation of items. It is your responsibility to provide the due diligence of representing your item correctly. In the event a buyer believes an item is a replica, counterfeit or illegal, Trumando reserves the right to temporarily suspend the vendor accounts while investigating. If found that a vendor willfully misrepresented an item their account will be permanently closed. Trust between our vendors and buyers is a pillar of Trumando.


What is Trumando’s commission rate?

Trumando’s commission is a base 10% of final sale price when you upload the product photos and provide descriptions yourself.  We offer a 20% commision rate with the use of our professional photographers and catalogers.


How do I get paid?

After the four day grace period following the receipt of your product by the buyer a check will be mailed to you for the full amount less our Trumando commission.


Who is responsible for taxes?

We are. You just submit the price you want the item to sell for and we do the rest.


Love it and to ready to go! How can I become a vendor?!

As the only consignment e-retail store for exclusively for men Trumando curates products from its sellers.  We are always looking for interesting products that fit well in Trumando’s Closet, Attic or Garage. If you are a retailer, wholesaler or an individual with any men’s products of substance, frippery or mechanism that you think we might be interested in please email or call 502-208-9391