About Us:


Trumando is for men, regardless of aesthetic. We work with collectors, craftsmen, and businesses creating a sustainable online marketplace where their unique merchandise is showcased, not lumped into a million results. Trumando’s staff seeks to highlight substance over convenience and carefully selects our site’s offerings.


For the Buyer:

Trumando carries products from experts and aficionados to outfit your self or surroundings. We bring you products curated from businesses, collectors, and craftsmen. You know what you’re looking for or are ready to discover something new— Trumando has found it.


For the Vendor:

Trumando is designed to be or to supplement your online presence, not to change how you do business. With Trumando you can still sell your products through your store and own site, while we do the legwork of showing it off to a wider audience— you just fill the orders.